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Title 24 Energy Calculations and Reports

How to order Title 24 Compliance in Soda Springs, California

Has your building department asked you to submit a Title 24 energy report along with your project?

Energy Consult LLC can help you with the process of obtaining a Title 24 report while giving you the best energy solution. We can help you with your Title 24 report for any Residential and Non-residential project. The City Planning Department in Soda Springs, California requires a Title 24 Energy Report - proof of compliance with current energy standards - for every construction project before issuing a building permit.

Residential Title 24 Reports for Soda Springs, California
Residential Title 24 Reports

Residential covers any low-rise residential occupancies such as single family homes, duplexes, garden-apartments, and apartment buildings with 3 or fewer habitual stories. Our energy analysts use the most up to date energy analysis computer programs approved by the California Energy Commission. Our analysts have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve an overall best energy-effective solution for your project. We take into consideration any design constraints and allow you to see what is possible to achieve for your project.

Residential Title 24 Services:

New residences
Secondary units → ADU, garage conversions, in-laws, granny-flats

Nonresidential Title 24 Reports for Soda Springs, California
Non-residential Title 24 Reports

Non-residential, or commercial, cover all non-residential occupancies such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, conference areas, commercial or industrial storage, schools, churches, theaters, hotels, health-care facilities and multi-family buildings. This also includes any multi-family or apartment buildings with four or more habitable stories. Using the prescriptive or performance approach, our analysts help you achieve the best solution for your project.

Non-residential Title 24 Services:

Envelope compliance
Mechanical compliance
Lighting compliance

To Order your Title 24 Report for Soda Springs:

  • Send us your drawings, using our email
    • Attach drawings to your e-mail
    • Preferred drawing formats: DWG , DXF(Autocad)
    • Other accepted formats: PDF, JPG, GIF
    • Files can be compressed into zip or rar files to make them smaller
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